Saturday, April 19, 2008

Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: The Red Horse

Don't Miss The Red Horse on April 19th!

Red means War.
Red also means Domestic Strife, Battles with Depression,
and "The Red Horse District,"
where fillies of the night hang out!

Come and enjoy
Goat Hall Productions:
San Francisco Cabaret Opera's
Horsewomen of the Apocalypse:

The Red Horse

8pm, Saturday, April 19, 2008, at
St. Gregory of Nyssa Church
500 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA

An exciting evening of new and pre-owned music sung by an amazing all-female cast.
Free champagne at our cabaret tables and "reddish" culinary delights.
Refreshments and wine available to all.

Composers: Mark Alburger, Benjamin Britten, Allan Crossman, Sheli Nan,
John Partridge, Zach Watkins, Judith Weir, and Kurt Weill (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht)

Singers: (in order of appearance) Marilyn Pratt, Sarah Hutchison, Harriet March Page, Janet Lohr, Meghan Dibble, Eliza O'Malley, Elizatbeth Henry, Kristen Jones, Erin (Kat) Cornelius

Cabaret table - $25 per person
Single seat - $20 general admission;
$15 studets and seniors

Call (415) 289-6877 for reservations.
Reservations recommended if you want a table;
otherwise, just come to the Church and pay at the door.

Visit our website at:
Further information at:


Mark Alburger's

Antigone: III-V (after Sophocles and Jean Anouilh)


The Bald Soprano: XIII. The Fire (after Eugene Ionesco),

Benjamin Britten's The Trees That Grow So High,

Allen Crossman's The Log of the Skipper's Wife,

G.F. Handel's Piangero,

a song from John Kander's Cabaret,

Sheli Nan's Saga,

John Partridge's Mary's Song,

two songs of Zach Watkins,

Judith Weir's King Harald's Saga;

and songs by Kurt Weill (to lyrics of Bertolt Brecht) from
The Threepenny Opera and
Happy End

Rehearsal shots, 4/7/08,
Chamber Arts House, Berkeley, CA

[Elizabeth Henry, Allen Crossman, Harriet March Page]

[Eliza O'Malley]

[Janet Lohr, Kat Cornelius (in medias Soprano Fire)]


San Rafael News: X. Sylvia Dryer (Henry)


Sylvia Dryer
White female 79 years 5 2 100 pounds

Sylvia Dryer
Short gray hair page boy style blue eyes partially blind

Sylvia also suffers from Alzheimers
And a severe case of asthma probably in need of her medication

Sylvia Dryer
Clothing black and blue flowered dress
White cloth jacket brown leather sandals

Last seen around 3:30 pm yesterday
Near Ted's Bar in San Anselmo

Missing from a residential rest home located on
West End Avenue in San Rafael

Any information please call
San Rafael Police at
(415) 485-3000

Dress Rehearsal and Production Shots....

Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: The Red Horse including (in performance above) Kurt Weill's Surabaya Johnny (sung by Harriet March Page [third from left], with Kristen Jones, Janet Lohr, Eliza O'Malley, Kat Cornelius, and Alan Crossman [piano]),

at colorful St. Gregory's Church, San Francisco (above -- with Cornelius, Elizabeth Henry, and Crossman -- and most shots below from the dress rehearsal in late afternoon),

replete with frescoes of dancing saints (a quixotic, locally determined mix including Lady Godiva), the program being:

Judith Weir - King Harald's Saga
(Marilyn Pratt)

Carlysle Floyd - Susanna: Trees on the Mountain
(Sarah Hutchison, with Meghan Dibble and Page)

John Partridge - Harden Not Your Hearts:

Mary's Solo
(Page, with Dibble)

John Kander - Cabaret: What Would You Do?
(Janet Lohr, second from left, with Hutchison and Page)

Zachary Watkins - More Songs of Woe

Mark Alburger
III. What Are You Doing at This Hour?
IV. Aren't You Well?
(O'Malley, Antigone
Henry, Ismene)

V. Where Is Your Pain, My Dear?
(Eliza O'Malley, Antigone
Harriet March Page, Nurse)

The Bald Soprano
XVIII. The Fire
(Cornelius [right], with Jones)

Allan Crossman - The Log of the Skippers Wife
(Henry, Crossman)

Sheli Nan - Saga: Portrait of a 21st-Century Child
(Eliza O'Malley, Mother)

(Meghan Dibble, Child)

Benjamin Britten - The Trees That Grow So High

Kurt Weill
The Threepenny Opera
Pirate Jenny
(Lohr, with Jones, Cornelius, O'Malley, and Page)

Jealosy Duet
(Jones, Cornelius)

Lucy's Aria
(O'Malley, with Lohr, Jones)

Happy End
Surabaya Johnny
(Page, Crossman, with Cornelius, Jones)

Song of Mandalay
Jones, O'Malley, Cornelius, Page

(Lohr, Jones, O'Malley, Cornelius, Page)